The Importance of Roof Repair
Posted by reroofing, 02/05/2018 6:52 am

The roof protects the occupants, the structure, and all internal items from the elements. There are several other functions of the roof that require it to be in excellent condition. One other function, for example, is to regulate energy use. Cracks in the flashing, missing shingles, or storm damage can be the cause of a spike in utility bills.

Energy Efficiency

In the cold Colorado winters, heat will escape through compromised areas on the roof. Cold air will enter the home, and the thermostat will be placed on a higher setting. In the warm weather, moisture will spread quickly through the insulation and ruin it. Any air conditioning system or attic fan will not be as effective, so again, the temperature is adjusted

The major issue in this situation is that homeowners do not realize the cause, and may spend time and money replacing interior systems. The problem will not get solved, and the roof will continue to deteriorate little by little. By the time the cause is determined, the damage is extensive and repairs will be expensive. It is wise to contact an Arvada Roofing Contractor to have an inspection completed annually, and after an intense storm. The cost is nominal and the results can save homeowners a substantial amount of money.

Structure Support

The roof also serves to keep the structure intact. The foundation supports the lower beams, and the sub-roof beams and joists supports the upper part of the building. This is the main reason most residential roofs are pitched and extend past the edge of the walls. Flat roofs are supported by stronger beams and joists to handle the weight of snow, ice, and water until the gutter system has directed all the excess precipitation away from the building.

Minor Repairs

Minor repairs in Arvada Roofing are cost-effective, take little time and labor, and help to prolong the life of the roof. There are some Arvada roofers who offer free initial inspections to encourage owners to be proactive rather than reactive. Replacing a few missing shingles after a storm is much smarter than waiting until more shingles are blown off in the next storm. Waiting turns the minor repair into a major one that will cost more money, take more time, and possibly cause other damage to the structure.

Visually Inspect the Roof

Owners who take the time to visually inspect the roof every two to three months are familiar with how the roof appears on a normal basis. Simply walk around the building to determine if anything looks different. Sagging, drooping, missing shingles, or moss growing are signs repairs are needed. Contact the roofer to schedule an inspection to assess the condition of the roof, just to be safe.

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